About “Hono-Kai”

Hono-Kai; History of establishment

Based on the will of late Mr. Eikichi Tateno who was the president of Nitokuno(current BCS K.K.), Hono-Kai was established as a private foundation in 1961 for the
purpose of the development of the crop protection activities, especially for the grant to students in the agrochemical field and the research development. Many students who received this grant had held later the professor of universities or important positions of government or company organizations in plant protection field.
In 2011, Hono-Kai organization has shifted to Public Interest Incorporated Foundation from just a Foundation, and the article of incorporation and the act of endowment have been changed at the same time.

The main activities of the Hono-Kai

  • Grant to the university students who major in crop protection and to the farmersto-be
  • Financial assistance to the crop protection congress and to the international exchange of the talents in the crop protection field
  • Financial assistance to the R&D activities for the crop protection field
  • Commendation of the contributors to the crop protection field

Concrete activities of Hono-Kai in 2016

1) Symposium holding; Plant Protection Hi-Vision 2016

Theme: Challenge to the problems surrounding the current Japanese agriculture


  • The effect of abundant cultivation field and big scale cultivation for crop protection
  • The impact of agricultural damages by the wild animals
  • The succession of aerial application methods for plant protection.
  • The physical protection technology using by supersonic wave
  • The action and problem of crop export in Tochigi prefecture

2) Commendation to the person who contributed for the plant protections and education to the farmers
Going to commend 3 persons (former staff of Agriculture experimental station)

3) Scholarship to University students and Agricultural college school students
Under examination by a member of a selection committee

  • University student; 360,000 yen (Candidates 5 persons)
  • Agricultural college student; 100,000 yen (Candidates 5 persons)

4) Financial support to attend the international academic meeting

Going to aid 3 persons with 100,000 yen

Finance of Hono-Kai

For about 4 decades from the beginning of the foundation, Hono-Kia had a solidfiscal foundation due to the high interest rate to enough basic funds (properties).
Recently however, the interest rate has decreased drastically, and Hono-Kai has to seek other financial resources to continue the activities shown above.
Under this situation, for example the main income of Hono-Kai in 2015 is shown as

  • Donation; ca 3,000,000 yen (from BCS K.K.; 2,500,000 yen)
  • Asset operational gain; ca 1,100,000 yen
  • Business income (Symposium entrance fee); ca 400,000 yen
  • Transfer from property; ca 5,000,000 yen

Basic information of Hono-Kai

  • Foundation director: Dr. Sadahiro Tatsuki (Former professor of Tsukuba University)
  • Board of committee (Chairwoman): Dr. Masako Ueji (President of Japan Plant Protection Association)
  • Office address: Minami-cho 1-12-11, Hanakoganei, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo
  • Telephone: 042-452-7773
  • e-mail address: khono511@car.ocn.ne.jp
  • Home page (only Japanese): www.honokai.org/